Cocoa Recipe Journal

The Cocoa By Sally Recipe Journal has to be the best way to keep your recipes secure and ready to refer. It has a compact design, easy to keep and carry while cooking, and also while discussing recipes on phone. The tabs allow you to categorise your recipes, which are all special but finding the right one for an occasion is also important. Not to mention, it looks amazing with its attractive color scheme, design and amazing chalk art on the cover.

It also comes with some outstanding recipes from our side. All in all, it is just the thing you needed to make your cooking easier, memorable and even more loveable. You can order the paperback recipe journal and get it delivered to your doorstep. We also offer the E-book format, which can be downloaded online.


A Recipe Journal may sound like a simple notebook to many, but it is not just that. Women who spend their time in the kitchen understand it is where memories are made and families are bonded together. Household recipes are often the things that move from generation to generation, in today’s busy times, it can be so much of a burden to just remember them.

Often families also don’t come together very often due to busy schedules, but when they do, these special occasions need some special recipes, those which bring back memories. This Recipe Journal, by Cocoa By Sally, is what does justice with these masterpieces, which you can use whenever you need and keep secure to be passed on.


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