Cocoa By Sally is the dream project of a professional chocolatier and culinary expert. At its helm are the personal kitchen experiences and the intent to share all the good things which can turn it around for others who spend their time creating delightful food for their loved ones.

We wish to spread smiles and happiness, and what goes with it better than some delightful chocolates? Moreover, you can make some yourself using our recipes and see your little ones and adults filled with delight and contentment. You surely have some amazing recipes yourself, don’t you? We would love to know about those, but as they are secrets not to be shared, we are helping you preserve them in the best way, and share them with your next generation so they never miss this warmth and recreate memories.

The name behind this project, Saleha Haroon, has herself had trouble remembering recipes. Feeling that she needed them all at one place, she decided to bring this ease to everyone else also, hence introducing the Recipe Journal, which has some pre-written recipes as well. In her journey, Saleha Haroon has seen many successes and hurdles, which she ultimately overcame.

Although having a deep interest in culinary arts, she has seen success as a teacher and HR trainer for a decade and a half after completing her MS from Aston University in the UK. She is also a CIBD qualified HR trainer, which speaks volumes about her intellect and aptitude in that domain. Yet she always indulged in honing her culinary skills, which became her sole reprieve when she battled depression and had her twins to look after. It was then that she became a professional chocolatier, after completing multiple courses for it.

So everything coming out of Cocoa By Sally has deep love and concern attached to it. We understand the hurdles and hardships every individual faces, and have taken upon ourselves to bring some smiles for everyone. Saleha Haroon herself explains this project in these words:
“Cocoa By Sally is close to my heart, as are all the products offered and all the people attached to it. Having all the good and bad experiences in life, and with all the learning, I now aim to help others be happy and enjoy life the way it is should be. It is often the little things that bring out that happiness, the family love, having food together and having those little internal secrets are all among those. I have tried to make them even more special, by bringing amazing chocolates, home recipes and also a journal to pass on your kitchen secrets in the family. Cooking and the happiness attached to food has kept me going in the most difficult hours, so this is an effort to share this with all.”


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