Preserve Your Treasured Kitchen Secrets

For Your Next Generations

Pages to Contain Sentiments

Your household recipes are the things that join your family together. You can jot them down and preserve them for your future generations to feel the same connection.

The Best Gift
for All

It is worth presenting to your friends and family, as they should also make sure their kitchen secrets live and bring delight and happiness to all those using them.

Compliments Your Kitchen

A recipe journal is what you need to complete your kitchen. It adds beauty to your countertop and also has some handy recipes already on its pages.

Saleha Haroon

Saleha Haroon, the founder of Cocoa by Sally, is a professional Chocolatier and Culinary Expert. Along with that, she is a CIBD qualified HR trainer and has had a successful career in that domain also. Her lifelong experiences and creativity as a chocolatier form the strength and inspiration behind the company.


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